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Working with film for almost two decades as well as the primary organiser of the suffering that Bad Movie Night has become. Always trying to find the best great movie for the night

Police, Lava & Tarantulas

It’s been a strange one for this week. Three things were watched and three people reviewing them. The others were two pilot episodes for Gerry Anderson series that were never picked up as well as the The Wild Women of Wongo. One was left for me to review. That one involves 4 cast members from… Read More »

Angels & Penises

After Racist Batman we sat down to watch two films this week. Legion What can be said about this large budget Angel-fest of a movie? Firstly, why it made in the first place? Paul Bettany deserves better work! The film is set in a diner in the middle of nowhere USA. the sky is miserable… Read More »

Just a bit of farming

Just one film was watched this week.. Don’t ask why. Revenge of Billy the Kid Well, it’s a strange one this one. One that is a slow burner.  Well apart from someone farting themselves to death and an importune dumping in the dung heap and a little bit of loving of an outsider… Something that… Read More »

Rock ‘n’ Bird School

Sundown – The Vampire in Retreat What do you get if you mix Bruce Cambell & David Carradine together in a film. If you throw in a town of vampires. Add a small mix of factor 10,000 sun screen then you may have thought of this film. An amazing ramble through the mid-west of America… Read More »

Fantasy Turkeys

Two of the films that we saw on the weekend involved loin cloths and a psychotic turkey!  The other films have been reviewed somewhere else on this site by another member of Bad Movie Towers Thankskilling What can you say about a film that starts with boobies just after the very first thanksgiving feast.  Even… Read More »

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