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Rock ‘n’ Bird School

Sundown – The Vampire in Retreat What do you get if you mix Bruce Cambell & David Carradine together in a film. If you throw in a town of vampires. Add a small mix of factor 10,000 sun screen then you may have thought of this film. An amazing ramble through the mid-west of America… Read More »

Werewolves and fingers

Attack of the Werewolves: (aka: Lobos de Arga) It would appear that autonomous region of Spain which is Galicia is their equivalent to the wild and foreboding far western or northern regions of England like Cornwall/Devon, Yorkshire full of damp looking hills, creepy wooded areas and rustic inbred looking yokels and as such is ideal… Read More »

Bankrupts & Murders

Americathon Okay here goes, this is my third attempt to convey the utter hideousness which is Americathon without it nudging into a 2000 plus word count. The trouble is where to start with this 1979 offering which has long been part of the ‘So Bad Its Good school’ of film thought mythology. Little back story:… Read More »

Fantasy Turkeys

Two of the films that we saw on the weekend involved loin cloths and a psychotic turkey!  The other films have been reviewed somewhere else on this site by another member of Bad Movie Towers Thankskilling What can you say about a film that starts with boobies just after the very first thanksgiving feast.  Even… Read More »

Jackie Chan & Worms

I know it’s not Saturday but yesterday I had something to do not that far from Bad Movie Towers so we decided to do a movie night. It was a good bad one. One that’s been recorded but not watched and one to complete the series. New Police Story One of the things you realise… Read More »

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