A Nipponese Trap

Reviewed by on May 8, 2016
Enjoyment RatingEnjoyment rating - 2.5 Toxic wastes
SerialBatman - The 1943 Serial
CastLewis Wilson, Douglas Croft, J. Carrol Naish & Shirley Patterson

We last left The Batman in a precarious position after trying to save the day and keeping the Radium out of the hands of the evil Japs. Mainly down to a fistfight with incompetent goons who tend to go everywhere without guns.

However, we do finally see him plunge off a cliff with the car on fire. How did he survive? Well, the simple answer is they jumped out well before it goes over the cliff and explodes.

However, the radium is still not secured away from the goons. They seem to have it and, as always, a chase will happen after The Batman is back and safe.

Onwards to the plot. the goons have the radium safely returned to our evil jap overlord as well as he is told of Chuck White’s antics and The Batman turning up at the right time.

With Chuck White still available and information needed, our heroes will try and get the information that is needed to help save the world from the evil Jap menace. Strangely our Chuck gets arrested and then bailed from our evil Jap who then puts “Plan 5” into action – We have to assume that this isn’t going to involve flowers and chocolates as a thank you!

Now comes the biggest thing, so far, in the series. An actual crash between a car and a truck. Both slamming into each other at a reasonable speed. that and a help of a flipper on the front of the truck [ Quiet, nobody saw that – ed ].

Ater a quick trip to the hospital, our Mr Wayne is picked up by Alfred and Dick to finish off our goons who tried to kill him. This involves a journey to the, well guarded, lair and then the end of episode fight…

… Who will win the fight? Will they subdue them all? Is The Batman still as incompetent a fighter as before? The answer is No, No & Yes. However, they do de-mask The Batman but only think that he is part of The Batman club as they know him as Chuck White and not Bruce Wayne.

How will The Batman survive being blown up? Tune in next time to find out

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