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Working with film for almost two decades as well as the primary organiser of the suffering that Bad Movie Night has become. Always trying to find the best great movie for the night

Rollerblade mess

Only one was seen this week and it was strange to say the least.  It stars some of the lesser known siblings of much more famous, and better, actors.  I’ll let you figure that out with the poster. The other amazing thing about this film, apart form the amazing buttocks of the female star is… Read More »

Blatantly seen somewhere before

This weeks viewing report will be short and sweet.  Mainly because we weren’t paying that much attention to the films being shown and secondly, they were just blatant rip-offs of much better films. 2019 – After the Fall of New York Where can we go with this one? Well, it;s just a blatant rip-off of… Read More »

Prisons in Space & Dolls

Fortress 2: Re-Entry This is the sequel to the imaginary named Fortress.  That also starred Christopher Lambert. This one takes off from where, presumingly, the last one left us.  That and a bit of a delay as he’s been on the run for 10 years!  That did spoil the film a bit as I had… Read More »

Mice, Blue Goo & Strippers

This week was a Saturday visit of the strange and wonderful that’s out there in film land.  This week was a strange collection of the classic and the naked! The Mouse on the Moon A classic British comedy from the early days of the Space Race. The country of Grand Fenwick has a problem.  The… Read More »

Sharks, Drunks & Robots

We had a “Good, Bad & Ugly” night a couple of days ago.  On the Thursday before Easter as nobody was at work on the Friday. Jaws What can you add to the world with another review for one of the greatest films of all time.  You all know the story.  A shark attacks people,… Read More »

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