Film Reviews

Bride of Re-Animator

What can be said about the 2nd outing of our favourite, green goo injecting, mad scientist/doctor Dr Herbet West. We first meet our hero, and sidekick, in the jungles of south America helping out at a mobile aid station during a nasty civil war.  This is eight months after the events of the first film. … Read More »

The Mutilator

Oh dear, oh dear, oh deary me. This is truly bad but not in the kitsch ‘so bad its entertaining’ cliché we thrive upon oh no sir but bad as in mind-numbingly dull and the cause of confused sounding bouts of “why are we watching this again?” from all assembled. From the off it doesn’t… Read More »

Sheba, Baby

What can I say about Sheba?  She’s a foxy chick that likes to get into trouble.  That and the amount of times she changes her clothes.  It seems to be every scene she is in something different.  This does change later on in the film where we see her just in a tight, unzipped, wetsuit!… Read More »

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