The Phoney Doctor

One thing that we first noticed about this weeks episode was how quickly it went past.  It is a little shorter than the normal episode but even so it flew by. We left The Batman in peril after the building he was in exploded.  That after a huge recap of the fight from the last… Read More »

Poison Peril

We left The Batman on a plane that was crashing and we wondered how he was going to survive that one. The answer is he just does.  He doesn’t jump out of it and parachute down.  He just staggers out of the burning wreckage & then goes back for the goons he’s just beaten unconscious… Read More »

The Living Corpse

We left the Batman flying off a cliff in an armoured car. How could they have survived that one? The answer seems that is was quite easy. Just jump out before the vehicle flies off the cliff! Good sensible advice to any wannabe superhero. You do wonder how this is going to be spun to… Read More »

Slaves of the Rising Sun

We last left Batman unconscious with a train hurtling towards him.  How could he possibly escape his doom?  Not only that, we have one of our party who is still in love with Robin’s hair! WIth Batman still on the tracks after being hit by a wrench, he now lays unconscious on the tracks whist… Read More »

The Mark of the Zombies

We start just before the end of the last episode with Batman, Robin & a magical cape fighting the Jap henchmen.  Then comes the cliffhanger.  Will Batman fall to his death after being electrocuted by some strange electricity? One thing that you can wonder is how it goes from night on the wire, to broad… Read More »

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