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A chunky excuse of a fading punk caricature hurtling towards middle aged oblivion armed with tedious stories from his more exciting past.

Blessed & Puppets

Oh my Lord, the guilt I felt on bringing the crap filmic offering to the Bad Film Night last night still haunts me today and probably explains why I feel sick as a sickly dog. Its the guilt, must be, no other way to explain it and it’s what I deserve for forcing us to… Read More »

Werewolves and fingers

Attack of the Werewolves: (aka: Lobos de Arga) It would appear that autonomous region of Spain which is Galicia is their equivalent to the wild and foreboding far western or northern regions of England like Cornwall/Devon, Yorkshire full of damp looking hills, creepy wooded areas and rustic inbred looking yokels and as such is ideal… Read More »

Bankrupts & Murders

Americathon Okay here goes, this is my third attempt to convey the utter hideousness which is Americathon without it nudging into a 2000 plus word count. The trouble is where to start with this 1979 offering which has long been part of the ‘So Bad Its Good school’ of film thought mythology. Little back story:… Read More »

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