Zombie Strippers!

cert 18
Run time
1 hour 30 minutes
Enjoyment RatingEnjoyment rating - 4 Toxic wastes
GenreComedy, Horror
DirectorJay Lee
CastRobert Englund, Jenna Jameson, Roxy Saint, Penny Drake, Joey Medina, Whitney Anderson, Jennifer Holland, Shamron Moore, Jeannette Sousa, Carmit Levite, Johnnny D. Hawkes, Brad Milne, Zak Kilberg, Jen Alex Gonzalez & Tito Ortiz

With too many wars and too few soldiers, a lab develops a virus that brings dead Marines back to life. When a test subject escapes, he heads to a strip club and infects dancer Jessy, who becomes a zombie. The club’s owner, Ian, discovers that undead Jessy pulls in more money, and he encourages the other girls to get infected, including the popular Kat. Kat and her friends go along with the plan — but then they start killing the clients.

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