Sheba, Baby

cert 15
Run time
1 hour 29 minutes
Enjoyment RatingEnjoyment rating - 3.5 Toxic wastes
GenreDrama, Crime, Action
DirectorWilliam Girdler
Cast Pam Grier, Austin Stoker, D'Urville Martin, Rudy Challenger, Dick Merrifield, Christopher Joy & Charles Kissinger

Sheba Shayne, a private eye based in Chicago who is called to her hometown to stop the local mob boss from moving in on her father’s loan business. Aided by her father’s partner, Brick Williams, Sheba finds out that the violent thugs aren’t going go away without a fight. Car bombs, gun fights and boat chases ensue whilst armed with her curves, street smarts and a .44, Sheba is in for a bloodbath!

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