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Mice, Blue Goo & Strippers

This week was a Saturday visit of the strange and wonderful that’s out there in film land.  This week was a strange collection of the classic and the naked! The Mouse on the Moon A classic British comedy from the early days of the Space Race. The country of Grand Fenwick has a problem.  The… Read More »

Sharks, Drunks & Robots

We had a “Good, Bad & Ugly” night a couple of days ago.  On the Thursday before Easter as nobody was at work on the Friday. Jaws What can you add to the world with another review for one of the greatest films of all time.  You all know the story.  A shark attacks people,… Read More »

Wonga women

Any film that starts with a voiceover by Mother Nature explaining to the viewer about how she and Father Time created a topsy turvy experiment around 10,000 years ago has got to be good, and by “good” I mean “Bad” At that time the two made all the women of the Wongo tribe beautiful and… Read More »

Police, Lava & Tarantulas

It’s been a strange one for this week. Three things were watched and three people reviewing them. The others were two pilot episodes for Gerry Anderson series that were never picked up as well as the The Wild Women of Wongo. One was left for me to review. That one involves 4 cast members from… Read More »

Blessed & Puppets

Oh my Lord, the guilt I felt on bringing the crap filmic offering to the Bad Film Night last night still haunts me today and probably explains why I feel sick as a sickly dog. Its the guilt, must be, no other way to explain it and it’s what I deserve for forcing us to… Read More »

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