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Melting bodies & Canadians

It was a fun night at Bad Movies Towers. We watched all the films, in three different formats. VHS, saved on the “Sky box” and on the computer. Our first film was the one on VHS… Body Melt An amazing Australian film that involves a secret plot to test unstable chemicals on the populous without… Read More »

Rabbits & perverted ducks

It wasn’t a Bad Movie Night at Bad Movie Towers this week.  That only happens on a Friday.  As it was Sunday it was decided to do a “Good, Bad & Ugly” film night.  Today’s link was Animation and Live action. Who Framed Roger Rabbit The first on the bill was the “Good”.  That being… Read More »

Ninjas & Skeletons

There was actually a 4th film watched but I’m not going to comment on it as mainly I can’t remember much about it apart from Lemmy, and Ron Jeremy, were the best known stars of it. That film being the 4th in the The Toxic Avenger series. Citizen Toxie The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra The… Read More »

A World of disappointment

We were looking forward to this weeks selection.  Being a strange Japanese film that involves the undead and baseball.  One about a Cop who is also a Samurai and the final one.  Well, Girls in small bikinis running around Hawaii trying to solve a crime. Battlefield Baseball We thought this was going to be one… Read More »

Cheerleaders from Hell?

Not only did we watch a trilogy from the Tremors series of films, we also saw two others.  One, Murderlust, was so awful it’s already been removed from my memory.  The other being the wonderfully named Satan’s Cheerleaders Satan’s Cheerleaders The first thing is the title is a bit misleading.  Yes, Satan does appear.  Yes,… Read More »

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